Monday, October 31, 2011

Lesson Learned, Again.

Tonight I made dinner and tried two new recipes. 
One worked and one did not. 
Our oven cannot make bread. It is a lesson I have to relearn every time I try.
Our oven can make muffins, cookies, cakes, brownies, but definitely NOT bread.

If you try to bake bread in our oven, this is what you will get when you pull it out:

This is my epic fail attempt to make sweet potato bread.
Look how sad it is. It looks like a gross, lumpy, raw, blondie brownie.
The edible parts were actually really good (it is a vegan recipe so eating it a little raw was not potentially harmful). So, I'll modify the baking time for a muffin pan and try again.

On the other hand, the Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup I made turned out great. 
I got the recipe from Joy the Baker. If you are looking for a new soup recipe, you should give it a try.
Don't let the "Vegan" title scare you.

This weekend I saw a couple of great movies:
Win Win:  Starring Paul Giammati (need I say more) as a down on his luck lawyer, who through a series of bad decisions gets more involved in a clients family than he even though possible. 

Moneyball: I'm sure everyone has heard of this one, since it stars Brad Pitt. If you haven't seen it you should. You will learn more about baseball than you ever expected to, as well as a couple of life lessons.

Have you seen any movies worth mentioning lately? I love movie suggestions.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


That is what I have been doing the last couple if days.  Work called and luckily I was feeling better. 

The trip started off a little sad. From ORD-SFO, I had my Chicago magazine in my jump seat to read during down time. When I returned to my seat at the end of the flight my magazine was gone! A passenger stole it, how shady! I made an announcement and everything, the perp didn't return it. Sad face.

The trip ended a little better. From IAD-ORD I saw one of my passengers reading a Chicago magazine! I told him the story of my stolen magazine and how I was really looking forward to keeping it because of all the great breakfast suggestions.  He offered to give it to me once he was finished with it and he did. How sweet is that?!  Also he told me the breakfast place Orange was a tasty place to check out. 

Today I decided to get myself dressed and go for a little shopping trip. I haven't looked presentable since I've been sick so I really wanted to step it up with a skirt and a cute sweater. Sometimes dressing up just a little bit really makes a person feel better. I didn't so crazy as to put on makeup or do my hair though. Baby steps back to normality people, baby steps.

Sweater: Banana Replublic, Shirt: Urban Outfitters, 
Skirt: H&M Belt: Forever 2, Tights: Target

Now I'm ready for some Thursday night NBC comedy with Jake and Danielle. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Smart phones, and the Jakes who use them, are wonderful

I've been laying low for several days trying to stave off some kind of sickness (a cold or the flu).

Because of this "laying low" by Sunday we were in desperate need of a grocery store visit. While there we really synced up. Jake was all "Look at those potatoes, we haven't had those in awhile."
"Your right. lets buy some for dinner."
"Sounds good, what would we have with them?"
"Maybe quinoa?"
"I'll cook it in broth"
...continue shopping...
"Kels, check out this recipe for quinoa."
He has a recipe app on his phone. It really pulled through for us this time. 
"Looks good, we have most of this stuff at home." 
"I think carrots would be great with the potatoes and quinoa."
"Put them in the cart."
It was all so smooth. 
Very unlike our normal co-visits to the grocery store. They are normally more like "oooo, these are on sale lets buy three." "It isn't on the list. Put it back. I like to come here alone, its faster."

Later that evening we made this:

Tasty, healthy, deliciousness. Lots of veggies, some grains, and some beans. yum. Find the recipe here

Yes, we have a bight orange table. It is from West Elm, and I love it.

.Going back in time, our friday night date was really nice. It started off with a delayed train (we are talking like an hour) that threatened to cancel the whole thing.  We walked to the restaurant. While eating tasty guacamole we started talking about movies and what we wanted to see. This turned into "the movie I want to see isn't showing anywhere by us. Maybe it is limited release. Maybe they show it here in the city." phone research "It's here, down the street! Would that be ok?"

So we went to see "Margin Call" after dropping by a Dominick's on the way to buy movie candy. So convenient! "Margin Call" was really good. I recommend it. However, I will warn you that it might convert you into a 99%/ occupy wall streeter. Jake loved Demi Moore's hair in the movie, so I spent Saturday and Sunday with my in a low tight ponytail with a middle part. I didn't really get it, but it was easy to do and he was happy.

What other movies are worth seeing these days?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Train Reading

In a bit I will be taking the train into the city to meet Jake for dinner. For some train riding entertainment I am bring along my Chicago and New York magazines. 

Reading the Chicago magazine is going to make me very hungry and fill up my Sundays for the next year and a half with all of its (hopefully) fabulous breakfast place tips.

New York magazine will make me drool for a whole other reason.

I love modern design. It is so interesting to read about all of the innovative and environmental solutions these designers work into their beautiful creations, from houses to playgrounds to high rises to furniture. 

I mean check out this chair...or is it chairs?

I want that chair(s). These people are geniuses. 
I can't wait to read more. Oh, and I am excited about my city date with Jake.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Love...

Sometimes after I get dressed in the morning, I sometimes notice and say to myself, "Everything I am wearing is from Gap (or is it The Gap, I don't know anymore). 
Sometimes I even am wearing all Gap while shopping in a Gap. For some reason I get embarrassed when that happens. 

This (simple) outfit is entirely from Gap.

I love this skirt in the summer because it is a mini, much to Jake's chagrin.
I love this skirt in the winter because it goes great with leggings and a pair of boots and a cozy sweater.

I love this top because it is oh so comfy and soft. 
I love this top because it has just enough of a twist (the sleeve length, the under arm cut, the squared back neckline, and extra stitched lines) to not make me feel like the most boring dresser in the world.

Who else has love for Gap?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank You

Thank you is just a bit Jimmy Fallon and I do when we really aren't thankful for something. Although, as the original Thank You'er, Jimmy's are much more clever, also a writing staff is helpful.

Thank you, Harbour Grand Hotel, for putting the full body mirror right in front of the toilet. I was waiting for a new image to haunt my dreams since I out grew the boggy man. 

I G rated the photo up for the internet.

More hotels do this than you would think. Really?!

Besides the mirror/toilet horror, Hong Kong was very uneventful: I slept, went to lunch, laid by the pool.

One thing that amazes me every time I go to China is the sheer mass of people. There is apartment building after apartment building, all bigger than anything I've seen in the states. 

Here is an example:

Sorry for the poor quality photo. It was taken on full zoom, across a harbor, through my hotel window.  Also, the smog (pollution) in China is really bad.

The taller building on the left and the row of smaller building to the right are (as far as I can tell) apartment buildings. They are huge! And there are thousands of other just like them. I am surprised ever time I go there.

Another this that amazes me about China is the way they blend old with new.  For scaffolding they use bamboo. 

Again sorry for the bad photo, for the same reasons previously stated.

How crazy is that?! That stuff is high and it is solely bamboo! I bet when that building is done it will look so modern and awesome that you would never imagine something so basic and natural was part of it's inception. Hong Kong is good at making cool architecture.

When I landed back home I texted Jake quick to let him know I was home (as in, back in america). He texted back saying he saw the Conan blimp flying by his office. "You don't see that everyday", he gloated. I was feeling jealous of his cool downtown office location, until I saw it too.

Once again, sorry for the bad photo. I was driving; which means looking forward and a constantly changing location.

I was driving home on I-294 and there it was. Jake and I both saw the Conan blimp on the same day in two different places by random happenstance. "That [really] doesn't happen everyday." Well said Jake.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I was wrong.

I owe everyone $20. Jake only asked one of the five questions and I didn't change my shoes. In fact he even said I looked cute. 
In other news, I am paying for my bonus day off and being sent to Hong Kong today. The trip is worth 29:50 (hours). That is about 15 hours each way! Working. ugh. I'm sure everyone will enjoy their Saturday more than me. 
See you when I get back.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I got 6am airport standby. That may sound awful but it beats the hell out of working to Shanghai, which is where I thought I would be going based on "the list" of open trips last night. 

"They" didn't send be anywhere, so I was released at 10 and home and out of my uniform before 11...well almost out of my uniform.

Chambray shirts are super in right now. I can't bring myself to buy one though because they look so much like my work shirts and those are free (kind of).

I wanted to do my first outfit post fast, before Jake comes home and is all, "You're wearing that blazer again? Is that your uniform shirt? Why are you wearing my scarf/ don't you have your own scarves? Do you think those shoes are a little fancy for that outfit?" He might even add a, "Is that in right now?"
Whenever he thinks I'm dressed weird he asks me that. It's cute, but I do usually end up changing. $10 dollars says he will ask at least 3 of the 5 questions listed. and another $10 I end up changing my shoes.

Scarf: Jake's, Blazer: H&M, Shirt: united issued, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: bought to match the bridesmaid dress of an eventually cancelled wedding...T.J. Maxx?
(Look at me, like a real fashion blogger ((hilarious)) )

Happy Bonus day off to me. Happy TGIF to everybody else.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Week

Monday we said goodbye to our marathon guests and went out for a birthday dinner.

I love wrapping presents

Tuesday I went on a walk with Lauren, Ben, Melissa, Mason, and Max. Then hung out at Melissa's for quite awhile. 

Mason taking Max and the tractor for a prewalk stroll through the woods

Before the walk this kid (with no prompting) pointed at me and said, "Deldey." That's me! I'm Deldey! Also know as Kelsey. Super impressive stuff Max.

Wednesday this kid spit up on me.

He was probably just super excited about going on his first bike ride.

What a sweet set-up, huh?

Today (Thursday) I got all dressed up.  I had an interview, which unbeknownst to me, turned into three interviews. Hopefully that means they liked me.  Three interviews and three hours later, I went to lunch with Melissa, Max, and Mason at Chipotle. Now I'm home working through my Google Reader and Hulu queue simultaneously.  Just vegin', still all fancied up and everything. 

Back to work tomorrow. Have a happy weekend!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The City

So, the five of you who read this blog (I will be accepting sponsors soon) ((hilarious)) know I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I love it. Hinsdale and our surrounding towns are so quaint and quiet and beautiful. I love walking to the post office, library, or train stop and imagining it's the 1940's/50's when every town was planned this way. With an actual center; where everything you needed was in one area. A place that brought people out of their cars and onto the street to walk between stores. The thing I hate about the suburbs is when I have to leave my horseshoe three town radius (inside 83, Ogden, and 55th street) for something else I might need.

Outside my lovely throwback bubble is the real suburbs, with stop lights (agh, I hate them), four line roads, Wal-Mart, and gigantic parking lots. Where every person is truly an island and you can be out all day and not have a single truly personal interaction.

That is why I hate hobby-lobby and love my local knitting shop. At hobby lobby an employee might not even know where the yarn is. At my little yarn store they ask what I plan on knitting, who it might be for, what is happening in my life that is giving me the time to undertake such a project. It is personal, and I love it. It is community and it is so sweet. It is the same thing that makes Jake and I super excited that the owners/workers and our favorite local restaurants are starting to recognize and remember us.

 Wow, this post totally morphed out of control and now has nothing to do with what I was originally intending to talk about. Back to original post idea:

I love the idea of moving to the city for the same reasons I love our little town. I feel like in the city there is community and many different centers for all the different communities and neighborhoods. The city is very romantic to me in the same way that living in Hinsdale is still romantic to me, even after living here for four years. There is an art, a history, and spirit that I am a part of simply because I live here and choose to own it.  That is why I feel such a draw live IN Chicago ("in" like 312 is my area code, take the red line to belmont and walk three blocks, you'll find us "in").  I love the food and the buildings and the lake. And I'm proud to show it off to anyone who will listen to me.

On the other hand, this weekend was overload. It was marathon weekend. Which means people, so many many people. I can only take so much of people walking every which way, bumping in to me, asking for money, taking photos in my line of walking before I have to sit on the ground and cover my head for a quiet freak out moment. I walked from Union, to Michigan: north, south, north, south, so many times these last three days; I literally felt like a hamster in a wheel. I was so confined by that street  and all the people on it I almost screamed. After three days of walking back and forth I was begging for my quiet suburban life again. Then we went on the river architectural tour and I fell in love with the city all over again: the buildings, the history, the neighborhoods, the people waving to us from the bridges. Perfection.

I mean look at how our cool parks can put a smile on your face.

I mean look at that skyline (and that's not even it's best angle)

I mean look at the great walking path and the great healthy vendors along the way. (seriously the greatest drink ever and it was solely carrots and apples. We watched them make it!)

I mean check out the speed and dedication of our local heroes as they rush through the park to go fish a dead body from the lake
(this is not so romantic, but just go with it people)

I mean, look at our beautiful lake (freshly cleared of dead bodies). 

Look at our fun attractions and the beautiful people who come to see them.

Look at the great productions it provides.

Look how cool it makes you look when simply walking.

Look how much Marilyn loves it.

Look how beautiful it's buildings are and how dedicated it is to breast cancer awareness.

Look how stylish it makes me look.

Look at all it's lovely shoreline and neighborhoods.

Look at how easy it makes it to pop in on a 30th birthday celebration. ("I'm downtown, I know you are too. Just tell me when and where")

I love you, Chicago, along with all the beautiful faces posted above. You make life an adventure I'm included in (you, along with all the beautiful faces posted above).
Have a Sappy, Happy Monday.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicago, Dallas, San Fran, Home

I worked Wednesday and Thursday. The list above is where I went. I spent the night in Dallas. On the way to Dallas we had a large group of Iraqi refugees onboard.  These poor people were so exhausted! A thirteen(ish) year old boy was so dead asleep he fell onto the lady sitting next to him; arms sprawled over his head, mouth gaping, passed out. The woman was so sweet, she just let him sleep. He was much too old to be falling asleep on strangers, but he was just that tired. I can only imagine the long journey they have endured.  Upon landing one of the women threw up, everywhere. It even got her neighbors, luckily they were wearing pants and shoes. Oh, the glamour! Thankfully it's not our job to clean it up.  

Coming home I worked with a crazy. Like" throwing newspapers in the galley because people wouldn't turn off their phones" kind of crazy. I did a lot of water services and visiting of first class to stay away from her.  Happy Friday!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Killer Weekend

Friday was pretty epic.
 Danielle had company for the weekend and since I had the day off and kind of the the visitor as well, I totally crashed their Friday downtown shopping and dining plans. 
Phase I: I met them on the train a bit before noon and we were off. We headed straight for the John Hancock Building for some lunch at The Signature Room.  The views were amazing, but they made us work for it. Danielle asked if we could be reseated two different times (that makes three differnt tables).  I was super embarrassed, but the staff was really nice and accommodating, and it was totally worth it. Check it out!

This picture was literally taken from my seat. Thanks Danielle!

Danielle's victory smile. 

After lunch we did some shopping and got some cupcakes at sprinkles. 
(Warning! The next photo is not for children's eyes) not really.

I ordered the day's specialty filling: silicone  
(haha! just kidding) Oh to have cupcakes and the humor of a ten year old boy.

I bought a blazer type thing at H&M and almost bought a hat at Forever 21. I wasn't sure about the hat until I saw this lady bought it too. Now I want it more than ever.

After shopping and a quick trip to the bean I said goodbye to the ladies and hello to Jake. 

Phase II: We walked to a restaurant close by,  Xoco By Rick Bayless. The food was super tasty and fresh, as was their chocolate drink (we shared the Aztez). It was pretty romantic. We sat at a high top bar, shared our food, and watched out the window as the rain poured down. Then we ventured out in the newly cleared night to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater for our play! 

If you are in the Chicago area and don't have evening plans between now and Oct. 16th go see "Murder For Two: A Killer Musical" It. Is. Hilarious. and smart, and well acted and directed, and fun and cheap. Go, go, go. What are you waiting for?

Jake and I before the show with our playbills.

The set (we were in the 2nd row) very small and simple and totally perfect.

We were so close to the action and it was just such a fun production with high energy and some improv, that when Jake sneezed the lead guy (that played 9 different characters, amazing!) said, "God, bless you". Jake laughed and said, "Thanks".  I loved it.

After the show we walked (more like floated Dorothy style, because of the high winds) back to Union station. The End...of Friday.

Saturday we went to the gym, chilled, and went to church. Where I learned to appreciate my job and thank God for it. Also, to work your very hardest for you and for God. It really inspired me to be more thankful for work and to do it well for me and my pride and for God, not just because I have to.

Sunday I went to D.C. and back. I even did extra water services and did my hair extra pretty in remembrance of what I learned at church. An hour delay and two mechanical issues later I am back home enjoying a snuggle and a movie with Jake. 

How was your weekend? When are you going to see "Murder for Two"?