Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Week

Monday we said goodbye to our marathon guests and went out for a birthday dinner.

I love wrapping presents

Tuesday I went on a walk with Lauren, Ben, Melissa, Mason, and Max. Then hung out at Melissa's for quite awhile. 

Mason taking Max and the tractor for a prewalk stroll through the woods

Before the walk this kid (with no prompting) pointed at me and said, "Deldey." That's me! I'm Deldey! Also know as Kelsey. Super impressive stuff Max.

Wednesday this kid spit up on me.

He was probably just super excited about going on his first bike ride.

What a sweet set-up, huh?

Today (Thursday) I got all dressed up.  I had an interview, which unbeknownst to me, turned into three interviews. Hopefully that means they liked me.  Three interviews and three hours later, I went to lunch with Melissa, Max, and Mason at Chipotle. Now I'm home working through my Google Reader and Hulu queue simultaneously.  Just vegin', still all fancied up and everything. 

Back to work tomorrow. Have a happy weekend!

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