Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Killer Weekend

Friday was pretty epic.
 Danielle had company for the weekend and since I had the day off and kind of the the visitor as well, I totally crashed their Friday downtown shopping and dining plans. 
Phase I: I met them on the train a bit before noon and we were off. We headed straight for the John Hancock Building for some lunch at The Signature Room.  The views were amazing, but they made us work for it. Danielle asked if we could be reseated two different times (that makes three differnt tables).  I was super embarrassed, but the staff was really nice and accommodating, and it was totally worth it. Check it out!

This picture was literally taken from my seat. Thanks Danielle!

Danielle's victory smile. 

After lunch we did some shopping and got some cupcakes at sprinkles. 
(Warning! The next photo is not for children's eyes) not really.

I ordered the day's specialty filling: silicone  
(haha! just kidding) Oh to have cupcakes and the humor of a ten year old boy.

I bought a blazer type thing at H&M and almost bought a hat at Forever 21. I wasn't sure about the hat until I saw this lady bought it too. Now I want it more than ever.

After shopping and a quick trip to the bean I said goodbye to the ladies and hello to Jake. 

Phase II: We walked to a restaurant close by,  Xoco By Rick Bayless. The food was super tasty and fresh, as was their chocolate drink (we shared the Aztez). It was pretty romantic. We sat at a high top bar, shared our food, and watched out the window as the rain poured down. Then we ventured out in the newly cleared night to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater for our play! 

If you are in the Chicago area and don't have evening plans between now and Oct. 16th go see "Murder For Two: A Killer Musical" It. Is. Hilarious. and smart, and well acted and directed, and fun and cheap. Go, go, go. What are you waiting for?

Jake and I before the show with our playbills.

The set (we were in the 2nd row) very small and simple and totally perfect.

We were so close to the action and it was just such a fun production with high energy and some improv, that when Jake sneezed the lead guy (that played 9 different characters, amazing!) said, "God, bless you". Jake laughed and said, "Thanks".  I loved it.

After the show we walked (more like floated Dorothy style, because of the high winds) back to Union station. The End...of Friday.

Saturday we went to the gym, chilled, and went to church. Where I learned to appreciate my job and thank God for it. Also, to work your very hardest for you and for God. It really inspired me to be more thankful for work and to do it well for me and my pride and for God, not just because I have to.

Sunday I went to D.C. and back. I even did extra water services and did my hair extra pretty in remembrance of what I learned at church. An hour delay and two mechanical issues later I am back home enjoying a snuggle and a movie with Jake. 

How was your weekend? When are you going to see "Murder for Two"?


  1. I love the Signature Room! The view is to die for. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Miss you!

  2. Thanks for leaving the first comment ever on my blog! I hope all is well with you and the little ones in NC.

  3. Love it! Our tickets are bought to see the play on Sunday!!