Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank You

Thank you is just a bit Jimmy Fallon and I do when we really aren't thankful for something. Although, as the original Thank You'er, Jimmy's are much more clever, also a writing staff is helpful.

Thank you, Harbour Grand Hotel, for putting the full body mirror right in front of the toilet. I was waiting for a new image to haunt my dreams since I out grew the boggy man. 

I G rated the photo up for the internet.

More hotels do this than you would think. Really?!

Besides the mirror/toilet horror, Hong Kong was very uneventful: I slept, went to lunch, laid by the pool.

One thing that amazes me every time I go to China is the sheer mass of people. There is apartment building after apartment building, all bigger than anything I've seen in the states. 

Here is an example:

Sorry for the poor quality photo. It was taken on full zoom, across a harbor, through my hotel window.  Also, the smog (pollution) in China is really bad.

The taller building on the left and the row of smaller building to the right are (as far as I can tell) apartment buildings. They are huge! And there are thousands of other just like them. I am surprised ever time I go there.

Another this that amazes me about China is the way they blend old with new.  For scaffolding they use bamboo. 

Again sorry for the bad photo, for the same reasons previously stated.

How crazy is that?! That stuff is high and it is solely bamboo! I bet when that building is done it will look so modern and awesome that you would never imagine something so basic and natural was part of it's inception. Hong Kong is good at making cool architecture.

When I landed back home I texted Jake quick to let him know I was home (as in, back in america). He texted back saying he saw the Conan blimp flying by his office. "You don't see that everyday", he gloated. I was feeling jealous of his cool downtown office location, until I saw it too.

Once again, sorry for the bad photo. I was driving; which means looking forward and a constantly changing location.

I was driving home on I-294 and there it was. Jake and I both saw the Conan blimp on the same day in two different places by random happenstance. "That [really] doesn't happen everyday." Well said Jake.


  1.'re so funny!
    you're forgiven!
    ps: the bamboo sky-folding is quite amazing!

  2. Thanks for reading! Your forgiveness has lifted a weight. I can't promise redemption in the future because I am not an evolved photographer. Just checked out your blog and I think you read more blogs than I do, crazy.

  3. so jealous you get to travel! I want to go to Europe more than anything! Hong Kong would be so much fun. My cousins are Japanese and they said whenever I want we could go to Tokyo.. I would probably die haha :)
    Loved this post! :)

  4. Traveling where there is a free place to stay and a local tour guide is the way to go! Fly to Tokyo! What are you waiting for girl? I checked out your blog, and I love your style.