Monday, October 24, 2011

Smart phones, and the Jakes who use them, are wonderful

I've been laying low for several days trying to stave off some kind of sickness (a cold or the flu).

Because of this "laying low" by Sunday we were in desperate need of a grocery store visit. While there we really synced up. Jake was all "Look at those potatoes, we haven't had those in awhile."
"Your right. lets buy some for dinner."
"Sounds good, what would we have with them?"
"Maybe quinoa?"
"I'll cook it in broth"
...continue shopping...
"Kels, check out this recipe for quinoa."
He has a recipe app on his phone. It really pulled through for us this time. 
"Looks good, we have most of this stuff at home." 
"I think carrots would be great with the potatoes and quinoa."
"Put them in the cart."
It was all so smooth. 
Very unlike our normal co-visits to the grocery store. They are normally more like "oooo, these are on sale lets buy three." "It isn't on the list. Put it back. I like to come here alone, its faster."

Later that evening we made this:

Tasty, healthy, deliciousness. Lots of veggies, some grains, and some beans. yum. Find the recipe here

Yes, we have a bight orange table. It is from West Elm, and I love it.

.Going back in time, our friday night date was really nice. It started off with a delayed train (we are talking like an hour) that threatened to cancel the whole thing.  We walked to the restaurant. While eating tasty guacamole we started talking about movies and what we wanted to see. This turned into "the movie I want to see isn't showing anywhere by us. Maybe it is limited release. Maybe they show it here in the city." phone research "It's here, down the street! Would that be ok?"

So we went to see "Margin Call" after dropping by a Dominick's on the way to buy movie candy. So convenient! "Margin Call" was really good. I recommend it. However, I will warn you that it might convert you into a 99%/ occupy wall streeter. Jake loved Demi Moore's hair in the movie, so I spent Saturday and Sunday with my in a low tight ponytail with a middle part. I didn't really get it, but it was easy to do and he was happy.

What other movies are worth seeing these days?

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