Sunday, December 2, 2012

Classic Fall

Being home all the time means I am now able to create so many more memories at home and with friends.  I had a great Fall this year, packing in all the classic fun Fall activities with Jake and our friends.

We jumped in with both feet on the first day of Fall and made Carmel apples at the Kessen's.

We all pitched in with our efforts and ideas to create some truly indulgent apples.

Danielle was the carmel expert.

Jake was the chocolate and toppings master. As Jake says, "You can never have enough chocolate."

Eating the apple creations were just as fun as making them.

And equally messy... least for me. I don't know how Jake manages to stay so neat and clean all the time.

Although we don't have a yard, I was able to get in on a good yard raking session at the Murrill's.

It was early in the leaf falling season, so we had to rake the entire front yard to get this obviously impressive pile.

Then to boys drove through, jumped in, kicked, and tossed around the pile until there was nothing left. 

I was even fortunate enough to crash the Murrill's trick or treating adventures. 

They were pretty brave; the pursuit of candy will to that to a kid. After ringing one particular door bell, I peered in the windows and thought out loud, "I don't see a bowl of candy anywhere." Mason whispered confidently, "It's in there somewhere." haha.

Without my random schedule and  limited weekends as an excuse, I had no excuses when Danielle asked me to participate in the 15k Hot Chocolate Race in the city.  I trained quite faithfully with the goal of not completely embarrassing myself. 

With the added pressure of my parents coming out for the event, I really wanted to do well.

After waiting an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the start line, I was able to finish strong with minimal humiliation. Despite a few race organization issues, we had a great weekend around town with my parents.

We did Thanksgiving with the Kessen's this year again. Except this year, with my guaranteed attendance, I was able to help prepare a great deal of the meal. It all made me feel quite grown up. Also, it was nice to finally contribute to the preparation of a Thanksgiving instead of just showing up last minute because work didn't need me. 

While I did my share of cooking, I can't take credit for the crisp turkey breast.

I cooked up some brussels sprouts for the first time and was obviously quite proud of the final result. This is one photo of about six or more. I'm a proud brussels sprout Mama, what can I say?

My full (first) plate...

...the table...

 ...and a picture of the cutest little Benny there ever was.

 Finally, we have enjoyed plenty of s'mores, hot dogs, and cups of hot chocolate around the Murrill's new bon fire.

A pretty great fall, all in all.