Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Love...

Sometimes after I get dressed in the morning, I sometimes notice and say to myself, "Everything I am wearing is from Gap (or is it The Gap, I don't know anymore). 
Sometimes I even am wearing all Gap while shopping in a Gap. For some reason I get embarrassed when that happens. 

This (simple) outfit is entirely from Gap.

I love this skirt in the summer because it is a mini, much to Jake's chagrin.
I love this skirt in the winter because it goes great with leggings and a pair of boots and a cozy sweater.

I love this top because it is oh so comfy and soft. 
I love this top because it has just enough of a twist (the sleeve length, the under arm cut, the squared back neckline, and extra stitched lines) to not make me feel like the most boring dresser in the world.

Who else has love for Gap?


  1. Ah I feel the same! I have lots of clothing from Gap as well, I just love all the basics they have to offer. And they have great sales too! I'm typically pretty simple when it comes to clothing, especially being at school so much of the time.
    xx. Renee

  2. Glad I'm not the only one. :) Gap sales are the best!

  3. yes! i am also a big fan of the Gap...def one of my fav stores to shop at!!