Monday, November 28, 2011

How to...

...feel like your running errands with a gentlemen when you are actually alone.

Just a  fun little "how to" I Discovered the other day.

Step one: turn off car. get out.

Step two: run into Whole Foods, mill around, buy some stuff

Step three: run back to your car. Discover that the door is open for you! How thoughtful and convenient. (this was actually my first thought)

How did that happen? Some gentleman must have seen me coming with an arm full of groceries, or I left it open. Most likely the latter.

Ideally, try this when it is not raining sideways outside.  Unless you also want the gentleman to detail your door, steering wheel, and half of your cloth seat.

In all seriousness though, it is pretty remarkable that my purse, phone, and camera were all still in my car and on the front seat, waiting for me (dry).

Moral of the story: if you have the cheapest cart in the parking lot, noone will think to steal from it, not even if you invite them to with an open door.

Also, don't tell your spouse. They will think you have lost your mind.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving round 1

I lucked out and didn't get called into work yesterday. We are also lucky to have great friends who were happy to take in a stray couple on Thanksgiving.

After a quick damage control trip to the gym we got ready to head over to our friends for some football and a Thanksgiving feast. 

Some highlights from the day:

I found a way to bring my favorite summer dress into Fall.

This guy was a source of endless entertainment.

He messed his first outfit.
Who, me?

He, according to his Mommy, rolled over for the first time!
So close.

Along with the rest of us, he drooled over the tasty meal.

Thanksgiving, courtesy of Brian and Lauren. We brought the corn.

The guys recovering from the big meal with some Home Alone on TV.

After an evening walk, some pie, and a big Thank You, Jake and I headed home.
We ended the night with a snuggle on the couch and a little Elf on TV. Jake was obviously in a silly holiday mood as evidenced by his face in this next picture and the TV pictures I discovered this morning when uploading the pictures to the computer. 

I can't wait for Thanksgiving round 2 this Sunday with Jake's family. We don't even have to bring corn! After that it is Christmas tree buying, decorating, shopping, christmas card mailing, and baking. Oh, what fun!

How was your Thanksgiving? Brian made two different turkeys, so ambitious. Did you conquer any great culinary feats this holiday or did you bring the corn like us? 

We are so thankful for such great friends who let us fuss over their little guy and crash their Thanksgiving feast.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is real life

Part of an actual conversation between Jake and I:

Jake: I didn't sleep well last night.

Kelsey: I did, I was out.

J: I know, you snored.

K: Sorry, why didn't you sleep well?

J: Do you think that the Vanilla Latte protein drink I drank (at 5:30 pm) had caffeine in it.

K: Latte? Yeah I think so.

J: Really?! But it's a protein drink.

K: It's a latte. (I head over to the fridge to look at the packaging) It has a picture of coffee beans on the front.

J: That doesn't mean there is caffeine in it. It could be decaf.

K: Coffee is the second ingredient.

J: oh. I guess that explains it. 

This kept me laughing to myself all day yesterday. What a hilarious guy! "Is there caffeine in my coffee drink?" So silly. Also, sorry for the snoring.

A picture of the offending drink. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I love...

colored jeans!

Last week I bought a pair of red jeans. I never want to take them off. They are so awesome!
Yesterday I tried on a pair of snakeskin patterned jeans that were equally awesome. So maybe I should say, I love colored and printed jeans. Sadly, they were not on sale and I was not out shopping for myself, it is almost Christmas people! 

My dog-in-law, Moses, agrees: Colored jeans are rad.

What super trendy styles are you into these days?

Monday, November 21, 2011


This girl is a superstar!

and she's got the cake to prove it.

In addition to being a great Emily Gibbs in the Andrews Academy production of Our Town, she helped us with our christmas picture. She took the perfect picture in less than 10 shots and under 10 minutes. Which is a vast improvement over last years over 30 shots, a wardrobe change, a self-timer, and an entire  evening.
Here is a little preview.

Thanks for a great weekend Julia.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A few things before the weekend

Target has $5 tights in a million different colors. So cute! I controlled myself to buying three pairs.
I'm wearing the new grey pair today. They are surprisingly nice tights, especially considering the price.

I'm not sure if the grey tights and brown shoes are a complete match, but I've made a decision and I'm sticking with it. I'm pretty sure I heard somewhere that all neutrals go together, I'm clinging to that. I guess I'll find out how sure my logic is when Jake gets home. 

Check out these awesome new stamps!

I am so excited about these stamps. I bought two books of them. If you get an envelope with one of these stamps on it from me, you know that you are very special. 

Thursday night TV was pretty hilarious last night. Danielle and I were so happy (almost moved to tears) that Leslie and Ben (from Parks & Recreation) got back together. The guys from The League definitely crossed a line. When our mouths weren't gaping open in shock, we were laughing so hard (almost moved to tears). Most importantly, no one came through the door without me showing off my cool new stamps. Everyone was equally excited about them (as in, almost moved to tears).

I have never cooked with or (as far as I know) eaten Kale, until this week. I love it! It might have replaced spinach as my favorite green. Which is a good thing as I can't make spinach anymore because I burned Jake out on it. Sad face. 
I tried two new recipes featuring Kale this week: Kale and Sweet Potato Soup and Curly Kale Quiche With a Twist (the twist being that the curt is on top, and that it is vegan)
Both recipes are going into the (figurative) favorite folder. 
The fake quiche was such a hit that everyone (including a tofu hater [gasp]) went back for seconds.

To make your own Kale and Sweet Potato Soup you can get the recipe over at Joy the Baker.
The quiche recipe came from a book, so if you want that you will have to 
a) Buy Vegetarian Cooking by Jeanie Burke, R.D.
b) Ask me for it and I will send it to you.

Tomorrow we are heading to Michigan to check out Julia, Jake's sister, in her high school play! We are pretty excited about it. Anyone else have fun weekend plans?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Few of Ashley's Favorite Things

Ashley from the blog Meet me in Philadelphia started the series "A Few of My favorite things" this month. In the series she has highlighted many of her favorite from around her home, with a short blurb about why each item is special. I have been following and enjoying her blog for several months now. She does amazing DIY projects and has great inexpensive home design tips. Anyway, back to the series. As part of her series she asked her readers to submit some of their favorite things. I love her "work with and love what you have" attitude so I was happy to get involved. 
You can check out why these are one of my favorite things along with everyone else's here.

Thanks for letting me participate Ashley! Also, thank you for reminding me of all the small things I love in our little home. Happy (early) Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Broken Bathrooms and Other Wonderful Things

Saturday, Jake and I went for a tasty Prasino's breakfast and got some errands/ christmas shopping done. Jake was dragging after the first stop, but I kept him motivated by saying, "Almost done, just about one more stop." He hung in there. Then Danielle came over for a walk, then we left for church.

Sunday work called so I went to the airport. It was a very pleasant trip until yesterday. The mechanics in Dallas decided the solution for an airplane with no working toilets was to send it up in the air. Claiming that while the toilets didn't flush at 30ft, they surely would at 16,000ft and above (Really? I mean really!). They did not (surprise, surprise).
Three Cheers for United! Hip, Hip... what?! No hooray?! I can't imagine why not!
 As the toilets filled with, well...on our way to D.C., we diverted to Chicago, got a new plane, and continued on our way. Thank goodness they were all Texas passengers. They were all so nice about it! Once we got to D.C. we were too late to continue onto Orlando. I was upset because I had dinner plans with my cousin and her boyfriend I haven't had a chance to meet yet. However, I couldn't be upset for too long, because instead of going to Orlando I got sent home a day early. Hooray! 

Once I got home Tuesday night Jake was so excited about my early homecoming that he took us to Chipotle for dinner and then onto the new Standard Market to check out their bakery department. It was an odd but nice place. Normally expensive things like pure organic vanilla, soy creamer, or Boathouse Farms drinks were much cheaper than normal grocery stores. However, things like "fancy" ketchup was WAY expensive. Like $6 for a little jar, expensive. What is fancy ketchup any way? It goes on fries. Leave the "fancy" to mustard. ok, ketchup?

Last Week

Sorry for my MIA act last week, when I have some time off, it sometimes gets away from me. Here are some highlights...

Last Week:

Tuesday or Wednesday I caught up with my long lost friend Sarah on the phone. It was really nice to check in and say hello. 

Thursdays was really lovely. I went around town with Lauren and Ben. After spoiling Ben a little with a cutie little outfit, the stars aligned and SIX of us ladies got together for an evening coffee visit. We just sat and chatted about babies (Ben came and we had to make him feel welcome with some love. A baby girl was there too, but no one knew it was a girl until the next day.), work, blogs (that we read and write), holiday plans, and other fun things. It was just really nice.

Friday, I had an interview, so I basically did nothing but get ready until I had to show up at 2pm. After that the party got started. Danielle's Mom was in town with a friend so we decided to go into the city to check out the Chicago improv scene. The scene was not so hot that night, but the little improvers did improv their hearts out and push through. We laughed, but mostly cried awkward and confused tears. We then ate at Goose Island Wrigleyville. 
Have you ever been at a dark restaurant/bar on a Friday night and thought to yourself, "I wish they would turn the lights up so I could read this darn menu?" Well, there is no need my friends! Have I got a solution for you!

Glasses with LEDs wired in. Pretty Genius! and hilarious!

 Danielle and I basking in the gloriousness of those genius glasses.

We then said our goodbyes and pulled out of our $20 dollar parking space. Backtracking: When the guys said "$20" I forked over the cash. Then when Danielle mentioned it was half that the last time she parked there. I made her mention it to the guy. He said "Yeah, it just depends on the night". Then I sassed, "Or how stupid you think the two blondes in the car are." He didn't change the price, but we had already paid him. However, we probably won't park there again. Take that. 

In other news, I haven't stopped talking about my sass moment since it happened. It was very unlike me (Jake would beg to differ), but that's what happens when you make me mad; so watch out, there might be some spineless empty sass coming your way. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You can't win 'em all

Well hello there. How are you today?
Yesterday was a busy day. It was also a rainy day. I decided to cheer it up with this sunny yet practical outfit. 
Yellow skirt, sunny. Red rubber boots, practical. Plaid shirt, demonstrating Jake's ability to pick out my new favorite piece of clothing. It happens every time he comes shopping with me.
Jake: That shirt is cute. It would look good on you.
Kelsey: Button downs are never quite right on me.
(in an effort to prove my point I try in on)
Jake: It fits great, you should get it.
Kelsey: grr. ok. :) (foiled again, but I got a new shirt out of it)

I went to the gym, straightened up the apartment, did a quick exchange at Old Navy, went grocery shopping, and tried a new soup recipe. 

We both liked the soup. Turnips, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and a big boiling pot of water were made for each other.

While we both agreed that the soup was good. We couldn't agree on my hair. He hates high buns, or buns in general. I don't know if he just doesn't get it or if my hair truly looks ridiculous like this and I just can't tell. Either way it is a "covers many sins" easy 'do, so I'm going to stick with it on those kind of days.

While we were sitting watching the Bears beat the Eagles (hooray) Jake looked over and said, "How is your tuft?" (apparently the new name for my 'do). He thought it was hilarious and laughed at his joke. Then took a close up picture of it. Then laughed some more when I looked at the photo discovering it was just a photo of my hair and not my face.

Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt & Belt: Forever 21, Tights: Target, Boots: Banana Republic
Hair: I grew that myself

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Hero, My Cheerleader

Wednesday I left for work late in the afternoon.
When I got to my hotel in Orange County that night around midnight, I realized I forgot to pack my toiletry bag! As I put it to Jake "basically everything I need to get ready and be pretty other than clothes" is in that bag. Yikes!

There was nothing to do but use hotel soap to wash my face and go nude face the rest of the four-day trip. It was so weird to be all dressed in my uniform, nylons, and heels without my face on.

Enter Jake:
Luckily, I came through Chicago day two of the trip. Jake agreed to drive to the airport to bring me my bag during my short sit at O'Hare. Isn't he the greatest?! That meant I only went part of a day with nude face, instead of three. Although it was weird to catch glimpses of myself throughout the day without mascara (I am a freak for mascara) I did have several strangers comment on how young I looked on my nude face day. Maybe I should try the look more often.

Long story short, Jake saved the day. 

When I got home Saturday evening we went for a quick shopping trip to the sales of Old Navy and had a lovely dinner out at Prasinos in La Grange. We talked about fun stuff and serious stuff and the future and our plans. Change and plans upset and stress me, but Jake has a wonderful way of encouraging and cheerleading me through it. He was definitely the star of my week. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Getting a good cup of water in our apartment is kind of a process. We have a kitchen sink but it has decided it is just for washing dishes as it only dispenses quite warm to hot water.
Cold is not part of it's repertoire.
There is no ice maker and I choose not to make space in the freezer for ice trays.
What do we use for water you ask?
We use the bathroom sink, but of course. We can't figure out why the bathroom get cold water and the kitchen does not; they are literally right next to each other. It is really hilarious to ask guests if they want a glass of water and then we sneak into the bathroom with a glass. 

I have decided these quirks (our apartment has a few) are romantic. We are going to look back at our teeny apartment one day and say, remember how cozy and lovey it was.

Anyway, I digress.
Gone are the days of sneaking off to the bathroom for a glass of water.
We have gone super fancy and buy La Croix now. When I drink it I feel like the Gray Poupon guy.
"Do you have any La Croix?" Plain water just won't cut it.

For those of you looking for some fancy in your life, I suggest buying some flavored water. 

Our favorites are Lemon and Grapefruit.
We also like lime, orange, pure, and berry.
Cran-Raspberry is awful.
(Added bonus, no sodium or sugar)

Look at all the pretty colors. Just another dimension to their fancy factor.
We really do have five flavors on hand right now. But I could really go for an Orange La Croix right now.
I might have to make a grocery run. 

Yesterday I bought some non neutral lipstick. Wearing it WHILE drinking La Croix really takes the fancy factor to the next level.

What makes you feel fancy?
Does your home have any "romantic" quirks?