Thursday, October 27, 2011


That is what I have been doing the last couple if days.  Work called and luckily I was feeling better. 

The trip started off a little sad. From ORD-SFO, I had my Chicago magazine in my jump seat to read during down time. When I returned to my seat at the end of the flight my magazine was gone! A passenger stole it, how shady! I made an announcement and everything, the perp didn't return it. Sad face.

The trip ended a little better. From IAD-ORD I saw one of my passengers reading a Chicago magazine! I told him the story of my stolen magazine and how I was really looking forward to keeping it because of all the great breakfast suggestions.  He offered to give it to me once he was finished with it and he did. How sweet is that?!  Also he told me the breakfast place Orange was a tasty place to check out. 

Today I decided to get myself dressed and go for a little shopping trip. I haven't looked presentable since I've been sick so I really wanted to step it up with a skirt and a cute sweater. Sometimes dressing up just a little bit really makes a person feel better. I didn't so crazy as to put on makeup or do my hair though. Baby steps back to normality people, baby steps.

Sweater: Banana Replublic, Shirt: Urban Outfitters, 
Skirt: H&M Belt: Forever 2, Tights: Target

Now I'm ready for some Thursday night NBC comedy with Jake and Danielle. 

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