Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicago, Dallas, San Fran, Home

I worked Wednesday and Thursday. The list above is where I went. I spent the night in Dallas. On the way to Dallas we had a large group of Iraqi refugees onboard.  These poor people were so exhausted! A thirteen(ish) year old boy was so dead asleep he fell onto the lady sitting next to him; arms sprawled over his head, mouth gaping, passed out. The woman was so sweet, she just let him sleep. He was much too old to be falling asleep on strangers, but he was just that tired. I can only imagine the long journey they have endured.  Upon landing one of the women threw up, everywhere. It even got her neighbors, luckily they were wearing pants and shoes. Oh, the glamour! Thankfully it's not our job to clean it up.  

Coming home I worked with a crazy. Like" throwing newspapers in the galley because people wouldn't turn off their phones" kind of crazy. I did a lot of water services and visiting of first class to stay away from her.  Happy Friday!

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