Thursday, September 29, 2011

About me (to start with)

So I guess I am starting this blog because currently I subscribe to about sixty other blogs and figured, "hey. I can do that."Also, Stephanie made me. A few things about me and my life.

I am married to a stud.
See what I mean ladies.
But seriously,
he's a stud. Also, he is a dork, as evidenced by the rope he tied to his sunglasses and the water gun he is using as protection incase the fireworks getting lit next to him get out of control.
I am a flight attendant (for now). Sorry, no photos of me in my lovely (said sarcastically) uniform.

I live in the suburbs of Chicago and love it (not sarcastic). Winter and all. Try as you might you won't change my mind. Believe me, my Mother has tried.

I mean can you beat that skyline? (keep it down over there NYC!)

I have no kids, yet. But I love my friends children and have lots of extended family fun with them.
Me: trying with all my might (and eyes...yikes) to hold on to Mason. Mason: trying to grab for the camera. This picture is old, I can't believe Melissa's baby used to look like this; so small and baby like!

I love getting dressed. I don't want to say "I am into fashion" because that makes me feel like am saying "I know fashion. Watch me, learn, and try to replicate". Which is crazy because I own and wear about as many white shirts as Jake (who never gets dressed without an undershirt).  Also, I am the one who is watching, and learning, and trying to replicate.
 See what I mean. Khakis, a black shirt, a scarf. I am no innovator.

I am pretty active when I am not busy being lazy and eating cake.

Lastly I love to laugh and have fun, evidenced by my profile picture. Sometimes something just deserves a knee slap.

That's all for today. We'll talk later.