Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is real life

Part of an actual conversation between Jake and I:

Jake: I didn't sleep well last night.

Kelsey: I did, I was out.

J: I know, you snored.

K: Sorry, why didn't you sleep well?

J: Do you think that the Vanilla Latte protein drink I drank (at 5:30 pm) had caffeine in it.

K: Latte? Yeah I think so.

J: Really?! But it's a protein drink.

K: It's a latte. (I head over to the fridge to look at the packaging) It has a picture of coffee beans on the front.

J: That doesn't mean there is caffeine in it. It could be decaf.

K: Coffee is the second ingredient.

J: oh. I guess that explains it. 

This kept me laughing to myself all day yesterday. What a hilarious guy! "Is there caffeine in my coffee drink?" So silly. Also, sorry for the snoring.

A picture of the offending drink. 

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