Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Broken Bathrooms and Other Wonderful Things

Saturday, Jake and I went for a tasty Prasino's breakfast and got some errands/ christmas shopping done. Jake was dragging after the first stop, but I kept him motivated by saying, "Almost done, just about one more stop." He hung in there. Then Danielle came over for a walk, then we left for church.

Sunday work called so I went to the airport. It was a very pleasant trip until yesterday. The mechanics in Dallas decided the solution for an airplane with no working toilets was to send it up in the air. Claiming that while the toilets didn't flush at 30ft, they surely would at 16,000ft and above (Really? I mean really!). They did not (surprise, surprise).
Three Cheers for United! Hip, Hip... what?! No hooray?! I can't imagine why not!
 As the toilets filled with, well...on our way to D.C., we diverted to Chicago, got a new plane, and continued on our way. Thank goodness they were all Texas passengers. They were all so nice about it! Once we got to D.C. we were too late to continue onto Orlando. I was upset because I had dinner plans with my cousin and her boyfriend I haven't had a chance to meet yet. However, I couldn't be upset for too long, because instead of going to Orlando I got sent home a day early. Hooray! 

Once I got home Tuesday night Jake was so excited about my early homecoming that he took us to Chipotle for dinner and then onto the new Standard Market to check out their bakery department. It was an odd but nice place. Normally expensive things like pure organic vanilla, soy creamer, or Boathouse Farms drinks were much cheaper than normal grocery stores. However, things like "fancy" ketchup was WAY expensive. Like $6 for a little jar, expensive. What is fancy ketchup any way? It goes on fries. Leave the "fancy" to mustard. ok, ketchup?

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