Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Getting a good cup of water in our apartment is kind of a process. We have a kitchen sink but it has decided it is just for washing dishes as it only dispenses quite warm to hot water.
Cold is not part of it's repertoire.
There is no ice maker and I choose not to make space in the freezer for ice trays.
What do we use for water you ask?
We use the bathroom sink, but of course. We can't figure out why the bathroom get cold water and the kitchen does not; they are literally right next to each other. It is really hilarious to ask guests if they want a glass of water and then we sneak into the bathroom with a glass. 

I have decided these quirks (our apartment has a few) are romantic. We are going to look back at our teeny apartment one day and say, remember how cozy and lovey it was.

Anyway, I digress.
Gone are the days of sneaking off to the bathroom for a glass of water.
We have gone super fancy and buy La Croix now. When I drink it I feel like the Gray Poupon guy.
"Do you have any La Croix?" Plain water just won't cut it.

For those of you looking for some fancy in your life, I suggest buying some flavored water. 

Our favorites are Lemon and Grapefruit.
We also like lime, orange, pure, and berry.
Cran-Raspberry is awful.
(Added bonus, no sodium or sugar)

Look at all the pretty colors. Just another dimension to their fancy factor.
We really do have five flavors on hand right now. But I could really go for an Orange La Croix right now.
I might have to make a grocery run. 

Yesterday I bought some non neutral lipstick. Wearing it WHILE drinking La Croix really takes the fancy factor to the next level.

What makes you feel fancy?
Does your home have any "romantic" quirks?

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