Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving round 1

I lucked out and didn't get called into work yesterday. We are also lucky to have great friends who were happy to take in a stray couple on Thanksgiving.

After a quick damage control trip to the gym we got ready to head over to our friends for some football and a Thanksgiving feast. 

Some highlights from the day:

I found a way to bring my favorite summer dress into Fall.

This guy was a source of endless entertainment.

He messed his first outfit.
Who, me?

He, according to his Mommy, rolled over for the first time!
So close.

Along with the rest of us, he drooled over the tasty meal.

Thanksgiving, courtesy of Brian and Lauren. We brought the corn.

The guys recovering from the big meal with some Home Alone on TV.

After an evening walk, some pie, and a big Thank You, Jake and I headed home.
We ended the night with a snuggle on the couch and a little Elf on TV. Jake was obviously in a silly holiday mood as evidenced by his face in this next picture and the TV pictures I discovered this morning when uploading the pictures to the computer. 

I can't wait for Thanksgiving round 2 this Sunday with Jake's family. We don't even have to bring corn! After that it is Christmas tree buying, decorating, shopping, christmas card mailing, and baking. Oh, what fun!

How was your Thanksgiving? Brian made two different turkeys, so ambitious. Did you conquer any great culinary feats this holiday or did you bring the corn like us? 

We are so thankful for such great friends who let us fuss over their little guy and crash their Thanksgiving feast.

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