Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Hero, My Cheerleader

Wednesday I left for work late in the afternoon.
When I got to my hotel in Orange County that night around midnight, I realized I forgot to pack my toiletry bag! As I put it to Jake "basically everything I need to get ready and be pretty other than clothes" is in that bag. Yikes!

There was nothing to do but use hotel soap to wash my face and go nude face the rest of the four-day trip. It was so weird to be all dressed in my uniform, nylons, and heels without my face on.

Enter Jake:
Luckily, I came through Chicago day two of the trip. Jake agreed to drive to the airport to bring me my bag during my short sit at O'Hare. Isn't he the greatest?! That meant I only went part of a day with nude face, instead of three. Although it was weird to catch glimpses of myself throughout the day without mascara (I am a freak for mascara) I did have several strangers comment on how young I looked on my nude face day. Maybe I should try the look more often.

Long story short, Jake saved the day. 

When I got home Saturday evening we went for a quick shopping trip to the sales of Old Navy and had a lovely dinner out at Prasinos in La Grange. We talked about fun stuff and serious stuff and the future and our plans. Change and plans upset and stress me, but Jake has a wonderful way of encouraging and cheerleading me through it. He was definitely the star of my week. 

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