Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You can't win 'em all

Well hello there. How are you today?
Yesterday was a busy day. It was also a rainy day. I decided to cheer it up with this sunny yet practical outfit. 
Yellow skirt, sunny. Red rubber boots, practical. Plaid shirt, demonstrating Jake's ability to pick out my new favorite piece of clothing. It happens every time he comes shopping with me.
Jake: That shirt is cute. It would look good on you.
Kelsey: Button downs are never quite right on me.
(in an effort to prove my point I try in on)
Jake: It fits great, you should get it.
Kelsey: grr. ok. :) (foiled again, but I got a new shirt out of it)

I went to the gym, straightened up the apartment, did a quick exchange at Old Navy, went grocery shopping, and tried a new soup recipe. 

We both liked the soup. Turnips, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and a big boiling pot of water were made for each other.

While we both agreed that the soup was good. We couldn't agree on my hair. He hates high buns, or buns in general. I don't know if he just doesn't get it or if my hair truly looks ridiculous like this and I just can't tell. Either way it is a "covers many sins" easy 'do, so I'm going to stick with it on those kind of days.

While we were sitting watching the Bears beat the Eagles (hooray) Jake looked over and said, "How is your tuft?" (apparently the new name for my 'do). He thought it was hilarious and laughed at his joke. Then took a close up picture of it. Then laughed some more when I looked at the photo discovering it was just a photo of my hair and not my face.

Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt & Belt: Forever 21, Tights: Target, Boots: Banana Republic
Hair: I grew that myself


  1. Well, I like your buns. Ha ha. I've always loved your style and I really enjoy seeing how you put together different outfits. I also love hearing Jake's running commentary. You two are great. :)