Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last Week

Sorry for my MIA act last week, when I have some time off, it sometimes gets away from me. Here are some highlights...

Last Week:

Tuesday or Wednesday I caught up with my long lost friend Sarah on the phone. It was really nice to check in and say hello. 

Thursdays was really lovely. I went around town with Lauren and Ben. After spoiling Ben a little with a cutie little outfit, the stars aligned and SIX of us ladies got together for an evening coffee visit. We just sat and chatted about babies (Ben came and we had to make him feel welcome with some love. A baby girl was there too, but no one knew it was a girl until the next day.), work, blogs (that we read and write), holiday plans, and other fun things. It was just really nice.

Friday, I had an interview, so I basically did nothing but get ready until I had to show up at 2pm. After that the party got started. Danielle's Mom was in town with a friend so we decided to go into the city to check out the Chicago improv scene. The scene was not so hot that night, but the little improvers did improv their hearts out and push through. We laughed, but mostly cried awkward and confused tears. We then ate at Goose Island Wrigleyville. 
Have you ever been at a dark restaurant/bar on a Friday night and thought to yourself, "I wish they would turn the lights up so I could read this darn menu?" Well, there is no need my friends! Have I got a solution for you!

Glasses with LEDs wired in. Pretty Genius! and hilarious!

 Danielle and I basking in the gloriousness of those genius glasses.

We then said our goodbyes and pulled out of our $20 dollar parking space. Backtracking: When the guys said "$20" I forked over the cash. Then when Danielle mentioned it was half that the last time she parked there. I made her mention it to the guy. He said "Yeah, it just depends on the night". Then I sassed, "Or how stupid you think the two blondes in the car are." He didn't change the price, but we had already paid him. However, we probably won't park there again. Take that. 

In other news, I haven't stopped talking about my sass moment since it happened. It was very unlike me (Jake would beg to differ), but that's what happens when you make me mad; so watch out, there might be some spineless empty sass coming your way. 

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