Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let's Catch up...

Going way back, there were some amazingly warm days in March.

So my friend, Melissa, and I hi-jacked an extra kid and headed to the beach for the day. It was heavenly. Can you believe these pictures were taken in March? I was in a bikini, in northern Indiana, during the month of March. It was pretty incredible.

Instead of questioning the weather by cautiously wearing a t-shirt or a pair of sandals and taking a walk around the neighborhood, we went all out. We put those bathing suits on, lathered on the sunscreen, packed up the beach toys, and rose to the occasion.

Never mind that the Indiana beaches are bookended by smoke spewing industrial plants, we were in paradise. The boys seemed to agree. They ran across the sand, built piles of sand castles, and found a warm pool of water to romp around in.

 Nice try Max, maybe someday...

Pretty much Mason. The day summed up in a photo. A big exhale with an "ahhhhhh" thrown in.

I'm glad we seized the day when we did, the weather has not returned since.


Then there was St. Patricks Day. We went downtown.

Caught up with some old friends.

And watched them dye the river green. Now that's green!

It was fun, and I was really excited to see the river dyed, but I doubt you will ever catch me downtown Chicago on St. Patricks Day ever again. There were people everywhere! At 11am some of those people were already throwing up and passing out with all the "fun" of the day.


We've been doing a lot of dinners at home. 

We've been learning to share the couch, computer, and bathroom with each other a bit better.

 And we have enjoyed evening cook-outs at friends houses,

where we overindulge, and completely hog the food. (nudge, nudge. cool it Jake, you are making us look bad)

Ben is much more restrained. Just enjoying the essence of a cucumber through the mesh casing.


Then there was Easter. The Murrill's hosted a lovely brunch and everyone pitched in to create a well rounded and surprisingly color coordinated (there was no memo on using red and white dishes with silver spoons, it just happened) holiday feast.

The dishes and serve wear wasn't the only surprise coordination.

After feasting, we enjoyed the rest of the rest of the day visiting,

("Hey Max, does that stroller make a comfortable seat? Want to put that ball to good use and shoot a few hoops?" "Why yes, Jake, I am quite comfortable in this seat. However, I don't want to play basketball just yet. I need to rest and reflect after that filling meal, and I still have an egg hunt to dominate in a few moments time.")


and hunting down those easter eggs...

OH, and someone turned FOUR...

How many adults with lighters or matches does it take to light four birthday candles? Apparently more than three. We ran out of resources before we could answer the riddle or light the candles. Sorry Mason. No birthday wish for you this year. 

Not to be overlooked was the sneaky frosting thief at the party...

He was just shoveling it in. Taking full advantage of the lighter/ candle/ wind debacle that distracted the adults.

But don't worry. A seasoned big brother of two stepped into the rescue. You can see the hand and mouth moving in slow motion, "nnnoooooo, MMaaaxxxx."

"You silly bear, wait until the cake is cut."

"Foiled again, until the next birthday. I will come back with a better plan. Oh, you bet I will."

There was just something about this stroller.


Apart from ALL of that, there has been a lot of working going on. Like, 40 hours a week. What? Like the rest of the world? Yeah, just like that. Also, the bathroom wars of Kelsey and Jake are just warming up, there just isn't enough good lighting, mirror space, or time to go around in our little space. I'll keep you posted on any new developments. 

Well that just felt really great to share. I'll be back sooner next time, I promise. (fingers crossed). 
Thanks for reading. 

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