Sunday, April 29, 2012


It was another busy week at work. I am still learning a lot and getting used to the environment, job, and schedule. Bookended, on either side of the week, Jake and I enjoyed some time together.

Sunday, we took a nice walk into town.

We stopped at the coffee shop for a drink.

We window shopped and made a quick stop at the Gap. 

I learned an important lesson about trees and boys with short hair being much more photogenic in the wind than girls with long hair and loose clothing. Also, Jake doesn't have patience for photo taking when we are out walking.

We cut through the park's land and admired the budding trees.


After a full week of work we had an impromptu date on Friday night. I got off work...

Don't mind the dirty mirror. I just really wanted to squeeze in a picture of my outfit.
changed my clothes, and hopped on the train to meet Jake in the city after work.

We met at Native Foods Cafe. If you like food, I would recommend you check it out. 

It is an all vegan restaurant and the food was delicious, fresh, and healthy. Normally there isn't much to say about service at order-at-the-counter restaurants. Not Native Foods. The staff was super friendly and went way above and beyond to make our experience at their restaurant great and feel like special guests. It was pretty impressive.

Aside from the service, the food was great too.  My tofu, rice, and kale bowl was in a word, yum. Going, 


Note the expression of eagerness on my face. I was digging in!


They even had some tasty vegan cupcakes.

Don't mind Jake's face. That is just his reaction to a perceived imbalance in the sharing of the cupcakes. Do not get in the way of that man and his dessert. You've been warned.

As we were enjoying our wholesome meal, a random thought popped into my head. It seems like the most healthful meals and restaurants I've enjoyed are in the least pastoral locations. I don't know why that is.

It is a good thing I enjoy the city and vegan fare. They seem an unlikely, yet exclusive pairing.

Done with dinner, dessert, and a walk all before 6:30 on a Friday night. Party animals we are not. Little did we know the  excitement of the night was waiting for us at the train station.

As we walked down the walkway toward the train, we noticed a guy walking/stumbling along. After a bit of bouncing between the train and pillars, he smacked to the ground, falling flat on his face. His glasses cut his face and eye which started to bleed and swell immediately. Jake sprung into action, running to get a police officer or some kind of aid. Another lady stayed with the guy and made sure he didn't stand back up.  I just stood there, as the ever important watch dog. It was pretty dramatic. He was thisclose to falling under the train. Not that it was moving, but still.

After about a month of waiting, the police officer sauntered over and took over the scene. We got on the train and continued on.

Outfit deets:

Apricot Lane Boutique leggings. Nordstrom Rack shoes. H&M dress. Gap sweater. J.Crew Outlet belt.

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