Thursday, March 15, 2012

What I've Been Up To

I'll skip the part where we went apartment searching, crunched numbers, had an awful (!) interview, did some blame gaming...and repeat. Long story short, it looks like we are staying in our apartment and I am starting a new job as a Patient Registrar (a good interview snuck in there too) at the hospital across the street.

Besides all that messy life getting in the way, we have been pretty busy having fun. We made a last minute weekend trip up to Michigan, to visit Jake's Mom and Sister. It was so chill, I didn't take one picture, except of Jake sleeping...which I won't post. Awkward!

After a relaxing couple of days (or 1 1/2 days) in MI, we went back home so I could make it to a baby shower.

You all know I can't resist a good wrapped present picture. The girl at the Starbucks drive-thru was quite taken with the package, and gasped in disbelief when I answered her question; yes, I did indeed do the bow myself.

Also, you must be warned. There is a baby monster on the loose. Don't be too frightened, it is easily distracted and confused by a camera flash.

Our little baby friend, Ben, learned to crawl! It started off with slow and very grand exaggerated movements, much like a mini Godzilla. He has since become more efficient in his movements, and is becoming less terrifying to his villagers of Lamaze stuffed animals.

On another note, how awesome is this weather?! I've been going on walks, walks, walks, and even squeezed in a trip to the beach. That's right. It's March, in the midwest, and was in a bathing suit yesterday. More on that later, though. Have any of you been up to anything fun (or not so fun) lately? Any fun plans to enjoy this amazing March weather?


  1. How come we never hear about you being in MI until after the fact? We have been going west a lot lately so be sure to call us next time! Would love to see you guys.

  2. It was such a fast trip, we got up late friday night and left Sunday morning. We were really only there for a day. Hopefully with my new job we will be able to have more free weekends, and get up north more often. We will get together soon for sure!