Monday, March 5, 2012

28 and lucky

This last weekend, Jake and I celebrated my birthday.

I must back up. For Christmas some good friends gave us a voucher for a free night stay... at the Peninsula! So when I had my birthday off and it fell on a Saturday, we decided to make a night of it and use the voucher. Lucky, right? Or maybe we just have super awesome friends.

Anyway here is my birthday...

 After checking in the front desk worker walked us to our room. As in, she rode the elevator with us unlocked the door for us and offered to show us around the room. We declined her kind offer. Once in the room (just the two of us, thank you very much) there was a little birthday surprise waiting for me!

It was good and I was super hungry.

We had dinner and a show to get to so we couldn't dilly dally too long. We went to The Chicago Diner for dinner. Jake totally won the Choosing the Best Entree Award. He was very proud of himself. He accepted the award graciously with an excited "finally! this never happens" and cocky smile.

 Jake smugly drinking his water while enjoying his superior choice: Quinoa, blackened tofu, smashed sweet potatoes, black beans, cooked kale and spinach, avacado, and a special sauce.

The gracious looser enjoying her polenta and grilled vegetables (which were quite delicious, mind you).

I love to be on time. It is super important to me. So, when the tickets stated "open seating. show begins at 8. doors open one hour prior. no late seating" I figured we would show up to the theater at seven, beating all the other show-goers to the seats in the house. That is exactly what happened, except we could have arrived at 7:45 to achieve the same results. Lesson learned. But you never know, so I would do it all over exactly the same way. Although there was no bad seat, seeing how the theater sat about sixty people total. But we were in the front row and had the delightful opportunity of sitting next to a middle aged woman and her elderly mother, both of whom seemed to be somewhat of theater snobs. They said great things like, "I don't care for musicals much. Give me a good drama any day." "oh yes, I agree." And "what a terrible choice of career, to be an actor. They have to work other jobs just to be able to live." 

I joked with Jake that they should really stop going to shows as to not support the "terrible life choices" of these actors. Such enablers I tell you. 

We saw Assisted Living at The Second Stage. It was a very tiny theater. We really enjoyed the show and, like always, I was blown away by the actors commitment to the roles. The two main characters had real chemistry. Which had me worried during the kitchen floor full-on make out scene. When would it stop? He took his shirt off, and I'm pretty sure her pants got unbuttoned. Very saucy.

Back at the Peninsula we decided to check out the Chocolate Bar that the front desk woman mentioned on the awkward walk to our room, earlier in the day. It was pretty awesome.

I spy gold on my plate. GOLD!

I want to go back.

There was hot chocolate so thick that you could not even sip it. You had to tip the cup toward your mouth and just wait, patiently, until the "liquid" wanders down the side of the mug and into your mouth.

Jake has some mad blind, over the shoulder, photo taking abilities.

If you ever go yourself, we will be the mature ones taking the "I'm so gluttonous and full" photos close to the buffet. Feel free to stop by our table to say a quick hello.

After checking out the next morning, we returned to our vegan ways with breakfast at The Protein Bar. Jake eats lunch there everyday. He loves it so much.

I almost got the "One El of an Oatmeal" (get it? "El") but settled on the Quinoa "Almond Berry Bowl".
We also got a couple of fresh juices.

We then dream shopped around Room&Board, Design Within Reach (amazing!), and Jonathan Adler, before meeting up with Danielle and Adam at a Brazilian Steakhouse for a combined Birthday Celebration. 

You might say, "A brazilian steakhouse?! But what did you eat?" Oh, they have the most amazing salad bar/buffets at those places. That is all there is so say. Amazing. And half the price of getting the buffet and the meat. Half.

I'm twenty-eight and lucky. Except for the weather. In our twenty-four hours downtown it rained, hailed, poured, sleeted, rained, the wind blew, and the temperature stayed nice and cold (freezing). That is why there are no photos of us walking outside, not that you would have been able to see our faces if we had. We were bundled up.

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