Friday, February 17, 2012

Jake's Valentine

Jake had a very special valentine this year.
He usually isn't much for sentimentality or sweet nothings, but this year he saved them for one cute, sweet, loving little being.
The connection started off rather quiet, with a soft, "Oh. He's cute" at first sight.
It quickly blossomed in a full fledged Jake/Buddy friendship.
This from a guy who normally stands still, with his hands at his side (or up by his shoulders) saying "shoo" to any dog that comes in his vicinity. Also, the guy who stands vigorously shaking his head anytime I stop to pet a dog or suggest a certain breed as a future pet.

Look at these two. Two peas in a pod. 

He even lets the little guy sit on his lap! This is earth shattering news! This is all happening with a smile on his face.

Jake even got into some dog grooming. I see little sweaters and a doggy purse in his very near future.

I think there might be some sadness on both halves when we head back home in a couple of days.

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