Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Moves Like Jagger

I have glimpsed the future, and it is grand.
I am talking about playing a video game without any controllers, just your body movements. It blew my mind!

Xbox Kinect's Dance Central in my jam. So, so, so much crazy fun. Just push the furniture out of the way, put on some comfy footwear, and be prepared to shake your groove thang!

Be warned: If you are my opponent, I am comin' for ya!

Although, Sally is a very worthy opponent and ultimately defeated me. 
The humanity!

In an unexpected twist, Jake has moves!

He started out pretty stiff.

Then he loosened up and swung those hips and put those hands in the air like he just don't care.

Just look at these guys gettin' down!

Hopefully I will have a few more opportunities to perfect my technique before we head back home.

We demand a captive audience.

It was a happy Monday for all!

In outfit news: H&M dress. Gifted leggings from my Sista. Frye boots (Happy Valentines from Jake).

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  1. Looks like so much fun!! Glad you guys are having a good time.