Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Day Trip to Walla Walla

We traded our ski trip in for a week in Washington hanging out with my parents and my sister, as my Dad recovered from surgery. One day we took a short trip to the near by town of Walla Walla. 

On the drive, travelers are presented with the unique opportunity of passing a paper mill. If you had never had such an opportunity, let me tell you the smell is anything but lovely.

I case you were wondering, this is what making paper looks like.

There are lots of these "bird cemeteries", as Jake refers to them, along the drive as well. 

We grabbed lunch at a tasty vegan place. Restaurants like this make eating out a pleasure, something to enjoy. Usually eating out and menu reading is more like a sport; requiring a trained eye, a willingness to compromise, and the bravery to be a pain in the butt full of special requests.

Oh, to go to restaurants where you can literally eat EVERTHING on the menu. I can order anything want, not what I can.

Jake's mock tuna sandwich, made out of chickpeas. It actually tasted like tuna salad!
 Not only was the food vegan, and therefore within our lifestyle restrictions, it was super tasty! We ordered the daily soup, sandwiches, a fresh juice, the daily hummus, and salads. It was a lot of food, but  how could we resist?! I mean we literally could have eaten everything on the menu!

If you are a lucky lady like me, you have a guy that cleans up the dishes after a meal.

After lunch we walked around town, popping in and out of all the local shops.

Some building art.

I got a lot of looks with this outfit. Maybe because everyone liked my red pants, was inpressed by my handmade (by my Mom) socks, and loved my trendy Target booties ($12!). Or maybe because they thought I looked like a Witch, (as described by Jake). What do you think?

Some cute tracks winding through town.

My favorite part of the day was walking around a stylish antique store filled with furniture, brooches, and fur (total and trimmed) coats. I tried on about six, or more, of them (fur coats). It was SO. MUCH. FUN! I learned that buying fur vintage is way cheaper than buying new. Also, it is so much more glamorous. Putting on those cozy beauties made me feel like I was walking the red carpet for an old black and white movie. It will also make you want to say things like, "What? This old thing? You are too kind, dahling."

As the store owner and I played dress up, Jake stood outside on the side walk, looking in, wildly gesturing his hand across his throat and shaking his head.

On the drive back we got to enjoy this lovely train snaking through the countryside. 

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