Friday, January 6, 2012

A Birthday Party!

When Jake came home last night he resolved the "technical difficulties" I was having with the photo files. Technical difficulties is now in quotes because after I showed him the problem and he did some tinkering, the only thing he figured that fixed the problem was the restarting of the computer. Sometimes we all need a good reboot; even our unfailing computers.

As mentioned yesterday Jake turned 29 on Wednesday. It was just going to be a normal Wednesday night TV thing with Jake, Danielle, and I, plus some cake. Then, Danielle had the genius idea to make it a party, so the Murrill's came too.

Did you know that you can order customized pizza from the Whole Foods deli counter. I didn't. Fortunately Danielle did, because it was delicious. 

The boys went the traditional plain cheese route.

The adults went nontraditional with cheese-less super veggie pizza. Look at all those veggies: spinach, broccoli, artichoke hearts, and kalamata olives. You can't get toppings like that at any pizza place. I think we just found our new favorite "pizza place", Whole Foods.

After pizza there was cake. Jake wanted to try a lemon chocolate cake. I thought a birthday cake should be a layer cake. So we compromised, and I made both. Just in case one turned out bad, or something.

Happy Birthday, handsome! That hat looks good on you.

It was a good thing I only put two candles on that cake. Even so, it took him more than one try to blow them out.

 German Girl Scout Cake to satisfy my "layer cake is for birthdays" precedent.

Sunny Puddin' Poke Cake, to satisfy Jake. He is the birthday boy after all.
Both recipes are from this book and both are worth making again.

Then there were some presents to open.

Some catching up to do.

Some sweet faces to capture.

Some games to play.

Max got a hold of the camera, and turned it on his favorite subject; his daddy.

Old Maid is very serious business. Definitely not for children.

I know I already said that this little get together made me appreciate our friends, but I'm going to say it again. We never really do much for our birthday's. Usually it is just dinner out, just to two of us, and a cake. Usually I am working, so we have to do it a few days late.

But this year Jake got a proper party, no matter how last minute, on his actual birthday. Some people came together to say, "Jake is great. Lets celebrate that!" He definitely appreciated it. I know this because after fixing the "problem" with our computer last night he said about three times, "when are you going to do a post with pictures from my birthday?"

It was heart warming to just hang out with friends, wear silly hats, and celebrate a special guy's special day. 

Happy Birthday Jake! We all love you.

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