Tuesday, December 27, 2011


In Phoenix, on Christmas Eve, our plane encountered a fueling problem. The fuel trucks gauge was broken so it couldn't tell how much fuel it was putting into the plane. The back-up for a problem like this is that each tank on the plane has a dipstick that can be used as a measuring tool. The problem with our plane was that one of the dipsticks was broken.

It really is a wonder that flights ever leave, let alone on time. You would be shocked at the amount of things that can go wrong with planes. Like, really big things. Like fuel gauges.

It was a fairly minimal delay to Chicago (I think all the passengers were able to make their connections), but one that caused us to miss our Buffalo flight. They couldn't find any place else to send us, so they sent us home. I listed myself on the next flight to South Bend, got one of the last sets on the plane and was in the swing of Christmas in less than two hours after landing in Chicago from Phoenix. Merry Chrstmas to me, from United....

I missed dinner, but they had leftovers waiting for me. Then there was Christmas caroling courtesy of Julia. She planned ahead: There were printed lyric books and everything. I'm pretty sure I was never that productive on Christmas break.

Favorite picture #1 of Christmas eve. By the look on his face you would think the drills were for Jake. Look at the surprise, excitement, and pure giddiness in his eyes. They are not in fact his. He bought them for his Grandfather, so I don't know where the "look of surprise" comes from. But there it is. 
Boys and their toys.

After they come off the presents, Westfalls wear their bows.

Favorite picture #2 of Christmas Eve. If you are reading this and you are a girl, do not pretend that you didn't take pictures of yourself "modeling" your new faux fur scarf, or what have you. If they could be found, there are crazy embarrassing photos (in both quantity and content) of me and my friends hamming it up in our favorite outfit creations and serious model faces.
You go girl, and I'm glad you like your scarf.

While I wish that there was snow, it is Christmas in Michigan after all, you really can't beat the weather we had on Christmas. We enjoyed the relative warmth by burning the boxes and paper in the backyard (one is never too old for a little fire fun) and going for a stroll. 

What a gorgeous day!

"Hello my name is Jake. I grew up in the '90s and I kick ass at roller blading."

I was really spoiled. This sure beat a quick night in Buffalo, a midday Christmas flight back home, and then a solo drive up to Michigan after all the Christmas fun was had without me. All thanks to a broken dipstick.

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  1. I can't stop laughing about the drill and roller blading picture. LOL!! LOVE IT!!