Thursday, December 29, 2011

Challenge accepted.

There are these cotton jersey shirts. I've seen them in stores. I've tried them on. I have wanted to buy them, because the ones I've seen are so inexpensive. However, when I try them on there is just a lot of hips and a lot of butt; which means a lot of scary.

Wouldn't you know it one ended up under our Christmas tree, from my Mom no less. When Jake didn't wig out in mini skirt horror at first glance (he really does not care for short skirts), I decided I would accept the challenge of wearing this skirt.

I took a tip from Miss Kendi, and layered this guy up! I also took a tip from Jake, who thought, "oh yeah, that will look nice with some leggings or tights underneath."

Denim Jacket: Gap, Scarf: Gifted from my sister, Sweater: Banana Republic, Blouse: F21, Skirt: Gifted from my Mom, Tights: Gap, Boots: Steve Madden

So, how'd I do?

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