Friday, February 24, 2012

Washington Trip Wrap-up

Some pairs skating action in the ICU. 

I really want to make this salad again. So, so tasty, and I learned what kamut is and how to cook it. 

I'm the John Mayer of Dance Central. Look at that face: Yikes! 

Have you every been to a Jewelry store and your husband says, "That's cool. Try it on. I like it. Let's buy it for you." And you're like, "What? This is all happening so fast. You're really buying this for me? Awesome!" It's a geode carved into a ring with the sparkly inside as the fancy top. (Don't mind the old lady hands).

 John bought Sally one too. We didn't want Morgan to feel left out (since Buddy didn't get her one), so we let her wear ours for a bit. She was super excited about it.

Richland is uncomfortably proud of it's history. I mean I am all for local pride; but really?!

Yep. Their High School mascot are "bombers", as in Atom bombers. Lets just say, you don't see a lot of Japanese in Richland.

We saw it on the travel channel, so we had to check it out. Donuts made with a bit of potato flour. Get it? Spudnut. So clever and delicious.

Morgan likes to keep buddy under control and close by.

Jake's love for buddy continued. He took a series of photos of Buddy, these are just a few of them.

He is pretty stinkin' cute. Just look at that punim.

A tasty waffle breakfast by Mom. 

Waffles make everyone happy. Especially Mr. Hungry Jack, of the hungry jack syrup empire.

All three of us with our Granny.

Breaking News:
The rest of us together, minus John (he was at work, sad face). 

The End.

This picture makes me want to color my hair. Which is something I've never done before and probably won't do. So breath, Jake and Mom. Just relax. But come on, it would look really good darker!

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