Sunday, February 26, 2012

I have a problem

I guess the first step is admitting it.

I can't seem to be able to stop wearing this blazer or these pants. My closet is woefully short of blazers. But, that is just a lame excuse; I really do love it so.

In addition to my obvious obsession with the blazer and pants, this new shirt and these trendy shoes are working their way onto my favorites list as well.

Its like they say, I found love in this shirt when I least expected.

It was just a little mall outing with Melissa and her boys, a chance to leave the house in February. We popped into Gap (because it's our favorite, duh) to browse. Then at the back of the store I saw a comfy looking shirt. I touched it to see how it felt (I touch every piece of clothing on every rack). An old lady sales woman approach and said, "Isn't that a great shirt?"
"Yeah, it seems nice."(You have to play it cool around these people.)
"You can wear it loose or belt it. It can be worn with jeans or dress it up by tucking it into a nice skirt." (Really giving the hard sell
"Yeah, you're right, really versatile."
I grabbed the shirt to try on, not expecting to like. These kinds of shirts have a way of making me feel large and frumpy.
But by-golly, the old lady was right! I loved the length, the casual yet classic feel. It really was a year round, all purpose piece of clothing. I had to have it.

The only problem now is that it is a year round all purpose garment that is oh so comfortable, so you won't be seeing me in much else, until it wears out. A lot like these jeans and the blazer. I know what I like, what more is there to say.

Then there is this snazzy new headband. Cute and warm, an early birthday present from my sister. She also gave me the awesome pompom scarf for Christmas.

Yeah, I have a pretty rad sister. Don't be jealous.

Gap jeans&shirt (incase you didn't catch that). H&M blazer. Forever 21 belt. Target booties. Gifted scarf and headband.

P.S.: So sorry for the creepy eyes. I really need to remember to edit out the red eyes before uploading. Maybe next time. No promises though.

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