Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweet 16

It was Julia's sixteenth birthday last week, and boy did she do it up right. 
They came down from Michigan got a hotel room in the area and shopped all day. In the evening we joined the festivities. 

The recipe for an awesome sixteenth birthday night include, but are not limited too:

Ordering in Chicago's best pizza. (Lou Malnati's, if there was any doubt in your mind.)
The suburbs best chocolate cake and some cool candles. (Kirschbaum's, if there was any doubt in your mind.)

After opening some presents, head to the pretty outdoors mall to enjoy the pretty christmas lights and trees. Here is where we went a little rouge.

While the adults shopped in the jewelry department of Macy's. I taught Julia and Danielle how to Shuffle (a la Party Rock Anthem "shufflin' "). Then Julia taught Danielle and I how to Dougie. As the adults moved towards the cosmetic department, Julia introduced us to the Cat Daddy and showed us those moves. 

We then bee lined for H&M before closing time. Where we did some actual shopping, but not without a short history lesson for Julia about "Hammer Time", inspired by a pair of hot pink pants we tried on. (Jake literally ran after me into the changing room area and begged me not to buy them, I had no plans to buy them but it was fun to mess with him). Then a quick Hammer Time dance tutorial. Then we mimed "walking down stairs" and "going down an elevator" behind the front display table. It was pretty epic.

Jake stood outside completely ignoring us, completely boring, and probably completely embarassed.

On a side note: I think Lou's or Kirschbaum's put speed in their goods. There is no other explanation for our spontaneous middle of the mall dance party and mime convention of three. Either way, it was a blast and I haven't stopped smiling about it for a week. 

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