Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jake's Two Cents: January Edition

One thing that has surprised me about starting this blog is how invested Jake is in what I write. If I write something he likes or thinks is funny, he will comment on it. If I forget a point he thinks is important, he will inquire as to why I left it out. Sometimes he will even suggest entire post ideas (Although, he couldn't care less about my outfit posts). After a few of these ideas, I told him he should start his own blog. "Oh, no. You are the writer." So, we compromised. Every once in awhile I will take Jake's post idea and share it.

After three days in a row of, "I was expecting you to say something about my new heater. When are you going to post about my new heater?", here it is.

Jake wore out another (I think this makes 3, plus my old hair drier) space heater. In our *tiny* apartment we have two of them, in addition to our perfectly functioning heat. Why is this necessary? I honestly don't understand it either. But, I have learned to go with it. Heater no.1 (and what lead to the eventual demise of my last hair drier) is for optimal comfort and warmth whilst sitting in the bathroom. 'nuf said. Heater no.2 is for white noise at bed time. I have finally (after over four years) stopped laughing about the former and have learned to appreciate with the latter.

As mentioned, this past weekend we were in the market for a new space heater. Off to Home Depot we went. After about three to four rounds of:

"What do you think about this one?"
"I don't care, that one looks good."
"hmmm, it might be too industrial looking. Maybe this one."
"No one is going to see it. I don't care. Get what you like."

He finally settled on this beauty.
It works very well. We are so proud.

Two dials! So sophisticated.

I'm sure that once we get out of this apartment and start paying the electric bill, this dependency on space heaters will take care of itself real quick.

Also while we are on the subject of Jake; he got himself some new boots with christmas and birthday money. Here are some photos of him conditioning/ waterproofing his new shoes. Like a little guy playing with a new toy; so excited, so focused. He is always making me laugh.

Last photo by Jake.

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