Friday, January 13, 2012

How Much is that Kiddo in the Window?

Hmmm, he's pretty cute.

But, so is he...
Maybe I'll take the pair.
Or maybe I should help Max find his way back to his Mom. 
All those corners and glass panels got a little confusing for the littlest guy. 

I will never tire of making other people's kids do embarrassing things.
Like making them sit in display windows, or the time I taught Jake's little sister show her "sea food"
I am nothing if not a lady and a good influence on children.

Don't feel too badly for them though.
Look at these guys devouring my raspberries!

The first time he did a double raspberry finger trick; One for each hand, perfectly synchronized into his mouth. It was camera magic, except I didn't have the camera out. It all just happened so fast. So, we went for round two. It took a few tries, it wasn't quite as epic, but here it is; Max eating raspberries like olives. Such a clever boy.

Yep, raspberries can be a little sour sometimes. That is what happens when up try to abscond with a ladies raspberries.

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